Paw Paw District Library



The Community Room is an open space that can be set up in a variety of ways to meet users’ needs. A small kitchen for refreshments/coffee service is located in this room, as well as tables, chairs, a projection screen and a podium.


Maximum Occupancy:

  • South side: 91
  • North side: 119
  • Total for both sides: 210
  • Total seating capacity: 100



Deposits required:

  • Food or Beverage: $200
  • Out-of-District Users: $100
  • Use outside library hours: $100



$50 fee plus $25/hr:

  • For profit uses
    Social Events
    Out-of-District Users
    Use outside library hours



Free Use for:

  • Not-for profit in-district users
    during library hours


The Library is pleased to offer the community room for public not-for profit use at no charge. The room has a maximum capacity of 210 persons and includes its own restroom (South side) and access to the kitchen (North Side).


An established hourly rental fee will be charged to for-profit users and also for social events such as parties, baby showers, and receptions. Fees will be applied to out-of-district users. The current usage rate (Fee Schedule) shall be determined by the library board.


The room shall be scheduled for meetings during regular library hours. The meeting room must be vacated 30 minutes before the library closes. If meetings extend past regular library hours a $25 per hour staffing fee will be assessed.

All rooms must be reserved in advance, and those wishing to use a room must complete a Community Room Use Agreement. Please read the Community Room Policy for more information. The library reserves the right to decline or limit the use of its rooms based on its own program needs which always take precedent.


There is to be no alcohol or tobacco use on the library premises.


The Community Room must be left in the same condition it was prior to the meeting. This includes set up and return of tables and chairs used, as well as removal of any garbage. The applicant must check out with library staff to verify the room's condition prior to departure.

North Side

South Side


Both Sides (no divider)